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Cash Genie has taken the decision to cease lending and will not be issuing any further loan to new or existing customers.

Steven Law and Nigel Millar of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were appointed Joint Liquidators of Ariste Holding Limited (trading as Cash Genie) on 5 January 2016.

If you have previously had an account with us or you would like to make a claim against the company, please call us on 0333 155 8608

Cash Genie Redress Programme:

Cash Genie has undertaken a redress programme for unfair past business practices. Prior to the liquidation, Cash Genie made every effort to contact all affected customers to enable redress to be paid. For further information, please click here. Those customers who have not yet claimed the redress due to them need to contact us immediately to ensure they can make a claim against the company.